Copyright Law


Gonzalo Law LLC regularly represents companies and individuals that wish to protect their work of authorship. We help them understand their rights and ability to protect their work. Copyright registration can provide protection for the entire life of the author plus an additional 70 years. In order to legally protect your authorship, you will register your copyright with the US Copyright office. We provide a full range of services dealing with copyrights. Some of our areas of focus include:

  • Copyright Registration and Transfer: Our legal counsel regularly registers Copyrights for authors, artists, business owners, and more. This process requires and initial search and filing a federal application. This registration will ensure the protection of your Copyright.
  • Copyright Infringement Settlement: Our legal counsel resolves and settles copyright infringement matters. In order to determine and receive this compensation, collaboration with legal counsel is very helpful. Should an infringement matter proceed to trial, our legal counsel will collaborate with trial counsel to assist you in the prosecution of your matter.
  • Copyright Derivative and Compilation Works: Once a certain piece of work has been copyrighted, any alterations created by the author or creator are considered derivative work. Our legal counsel can work with you to register your work when there are multiple derivative works. These are often called compilation works. All of these works are often protected by copyright laws and give exclusive ownership to the owner.
  • Joint Works & Works Made for Hire: Legal counsel can review your works and determine if they are joint works or works made for hire. Often these are created when more than one owner/creator is involved in creating the work. In the case of joint work, more than one individual would have rights to the work once it is copyrighted. We work with you to clarify these considerations and make sure all work is attributed correctly.

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