View From the Top – Spotlight Interviews


View From the Top Series: An Interview with Kevin Lewis of the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

Nouvelle Gonzalo Professional

Attorney Nouvelle L. Gonzalo

For those new to our series, let us tell you a bit more! Our View from the Top series is when we take a scheduled departure from our regular blog content.  We sit-down and talk with individuals who are having a local, national, or global impact in our community. We ask these individuals to share a bit about the challenges they faced on the road to success and advice they would give others.  This a chance for Gonzalo Law to reach out to “game changers” and allow them to share their insights with our business and institutional clients.  Our goal is to help clients maximize their success by implementing key insights.

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View From the Top Series: An Interview With Former NFL Wide Receiver – Steve Sanders

NFL Wide Receiver

Steve Sanders is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and a former wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. In 2010, Steve decided to leave his football career behind and has never looked back. We sat down with Steve as part of the Gonzalo Law – View from the Top Series where we talk with professionals at the top of their field. We ask them to share some of their secrets to success and wisdom that they would pass along to those coming after them.

Sanders continues to take the nation by storm as an author, philanthropist, speaker, and Professional Life Coach. He is also the founder of Training Camp for Life which is an organization to help young men achieve their dreams and maximize their potential. Along with his book also titled Training Camp for Life, Sanders conducts camps and clinics. He is committed to encouraging young male athletes in all aspects of life.

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