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In an effort to redefine legal excellence, Gonzalo Law LLC believes it is important to be knowledgeable on local and international current events. These news events often result in changes to the laws that affect our clients. In order to provide additional resources to our clients, we provide access to the following U.S. and International news sources. These resources are for informational purposes only.Please note that although we do check that all news comes from a reliable source, Gonzalo Law LLC does not guarantee the accuracy of the reported news. In addition, the views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the firm. Gonzalo Law LLC does not have any direct association with the following independent news providers.

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  • U.S. Copyright Office, NewsNet Issue 725
    NewsNet Issue 725 July 18, 2018 Copyright Office Releases Upgrades to Virtual Card Catalog Proof of Concept Today, the U.S. Copyright Office implemented a series of technical upgrades to enhance searching and results tracking capabilities when using the proof of concept of the Virtual Card Catalog (VCC). In this upgraded version, users now: have the option to perform simple and advanced queries based off the raw datasets captured from the images; may execute queries to narrow the number of results from browsing (in addition to browsing drawers); have more images from which to search (for a more complete search)—this new release contains approximately 99.6 percent of the images from the two indexes; can select multiple drawers from multiple indexes to browse and can click on a card to enlarge an image along with the set of images for easy scrolling; and may also select specific drawers for additional queries, in addition to saving up to twenty-five cards to a folder during a browsing session. These improvements are designed to enrich the user experience and improve the efficiency of searching Copyright Office records. To access the VCC, click: Feedback and survey links are contained within the site. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. * Note: This proof of concept is not a final version of the planned Virtual Card Catalog. The purpose is to validate the VCC’s feasibility and to verify its potential use for the public. The images are presented in a similar filing order as found in the physical card catalog and may contain filing errors and corrupt images.              
  • U.S. Copyright Office, NewsNet Issue 724
    NewsNet Issue 724July 11, 2018 U.S. Copyright Office Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Seeking Comments on Electronic Royalty Payment Processes and the Administration of DART Royalty Accounts The United States Copyright Office today published a proposed rule streamlining the administration of digital audio recording technology royalty accounts and electronic royalty payment processes. With this proposed rule, the Office seeks to codify a procedure for closing out DART royalty payments accounts under section 1005 of the Copyright Act and update its regulations governing online payment procedures for cable, satellite, and DART statements of account to no longer require single lump sum payments. The notice of proposed rulemaking and instructions on how to submit a comment are available here. Written comments must be received no later than Friday, August 10, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. eastern time.  
  • U.S. Copyright Office, NewsNet Issue 723
    NewsNet Issue 723June 21, 2018 U.S. Copyright Office Extends Deadline for Comments on Proposed Fee Schedule The United States Copyright Office is extending the deadline for the submission of written comments in response to a notice of proposed rulemaking that recommends the adoption of a new fee schedule with proposed changes to fees for services in the following areas: registration; recordation; record retrieval, search, and certification; the Licensing Division; and other ancillary services. The Office is extending the deadline by an additional sixty days to ensure that members of the public have sufficient time to respond. Written comments must be received no later than September 21, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. eastern time. The formal extension notice, the notice of proposed rulemaking, and instructions on how to submit a comment are available here.  
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