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In an effort to redefine legal excellence, Gonzalo Law LLC believes it is important to be knowledgeable on local and international current events. These news events often result in changes to the laws that affect our clients. In order to provide additional resources to our clients, we provide access to the following U.S. and International news sources. These resources are for informational purposes only.Please note that although we do check that all news comes from a reliable source, Gonzalo Law LLC does not guarantee the accuracy of the reported news. In addition, the views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the firm. Gonzalo Law LLC does not have any direct association with the following independent news providers.

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  • U.S. Copyright Office, NewsNet Issue 765
    NewsNet Issue 765April 24, 2019 Maria Strong Appointed Director of Policy and International Affairs Register of Copyrights Karyn A. Temple announced that Maria Strong will serve as Associate Register of Copyrights and Director of Policy and International Affairs at the United States Copyright Office, effective April 23, 2019. Strong has served as deputy director of policy and international affairs for the Copyright Office since January 2015. "Maria has been a valued part of the leadership team for many years," said Temple. "The Office has often benefitted from her wise counsel, stewardship, and well-known expertise in copyright law. She will continue to be an important asset to the Office in her new position." In her position, Strong will assist the Register with critical policy functions of the Office, including domestic and international policy analyses, legislative support, and trade negotiations. She directs the Office of Policy and International Affairs, which represents the U.S. Copyright Office at meetings of government officials concerned with the international aspects of copyright protection and enforcement, and provides regular support to Congress and its committees. Upon joining the Copyright Office in 2010, Strong served as senior counsel for policy and international affairs and also served as acting general counsel from April to July 2013. Before joining the Office, she spent nineteen years in private practice in Washington, DC, where she represented clients in the media, technology, and entertainment sectors and provided analyses and advocacy on global and domestic issues involving copyright law, enforcement, trade policy, and e-commerce. She began her legal career as a staff attorney at the Federal Communications Commission. Strong earned her JD from George Washington University Law School, her MA in communications management from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communications, and her BA in communication studies from UCLA.  
  • U.S. Copyright Office, NewsNet Issue 764
    NewsNet Issue 764April 23, 2019 Copyright Office Adopts Final Rule Regarding Registration of Architectural Works The U.S. Copyright Office has issued a final rule regarding registration of architectural works, adopting in full a proposed rule following a period of public comment. This rule provides that, other than exceptional cases, applicants must submit their claims using the online Standard Application. The rule also encourages applicants to upload digital copies of their works through the electronic registration system, rather than submitting physical copies, and clarifies what aspects of the architectural plan must be visually perceptible from the deposit copies. Finally, the rule clarifies that applicants must provide a date of construction for a building only if the work was embodied in unpublished plans or drawings on or before December 1, 1990 and if the building was constructed before January 1, 2003. More information can be found here.  
  • U.S. Copyright Office, NewsNet Issue 763
    NewsNet Issue 763April 23, 2019 Copyright Office Releases Moral Rights Report The U.S. Copyright Office today released its report, Authors, Attribution, and Integrity: Examining Moral Rights in the United States. The report details the findings of the Office's extensive review of the U.S. framework for moral rights. Moral rights refer to certain noneconomic rights that are considered personal to an author―chief among these being the right of an author to be credited as the author of his or her work (the right of attribution) and the right to prevent prejudicial distortions of the work (the right of integrity). The Copyright Office concludes that the U.S. moral rights framework (which includes a variety of federal and state laws) continues to provide important protections, despite there being some room for improvement. The Office does suggest some areas where preferred interpretations of judicial decisions and even legislative considerations could improve the landscape of protection for authors. Possible legislative changes for consideration include amendments of the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA), the Lanham Act, and a possible new provision in Title 17 expanding recourse for removal or alteration of copyright management information. In addition, the Office has identified issues for Congress to consider should it contemplate developing a federal right of publicity. Karyn A. Temple, Register of Copyrights, stated, “The United States has long provided moral rights through a patchwork that includes copyright and other federal laws, state laws such as unfair competition, and robust private ordering. Our exhaustive study of the current landscape of moral rights in the United States finds that this approach continues to provide important protections for authors in the digital age, but that there are areas that Congress may wish to enhance under the U.S. moral rights framework. This report provides a roadmap for doing so.” The full report, along with public comments and information on a symposium held on this subject, is available on the Copyright Office’s website at  
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