U.S. Corporate Law

Corporate Transactions

Gonzalo Law often represents public and private companies that form new entities, buy or sell a business, or that wind down and dissolve.  We also draft and negotiate contracts for owners, vendors, and employees with precision.  We have served as business legal counsel to numerous companies to resolve disputes and to prevent them. Some key areas to consider include the following:

Entity Selection and Entity Conversions

There are different types of entities from which to choose. The most common types of entities include, but are not limited to, limited liability companies, nonprofits, S-corporations, C-corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Selecting an entity structure is a very important part of your business’ formation process as it will determine the range of your members’ liabilities, taxation regulations, the required management process, and many other factors. It is just as important to be knowledgeable of these different entity structures if your business is deciding to convert into another entity type.

Purchase or Sale of a Business

When deciding to purchase or sell a business, multiple steps and processes are involved. Some steps include conducting legal due diligence, drafting purchase/sale agreements, and handling payments. Legal counsel involvement is highly recommended for this process in order to ensure a smooth purchase or sale process of your business.

Vendor and Service Contracts

Contracts create a legally binding obligation between different parties. In the case of vendor and service contracts, different parties agree to receive or perform services, or receive or sell goods in exchange for compensation. These contracts will record in writing a binding agreement to ensure all parties are aware and liable for their designated responsibilities.

Entrepreneurship and Startups

Entrepreneurship and Startup companies are companies who often have just started operating and provide unique value through their products and services. Legal advisory for the creation of these companies is highly recommended.

Owner Agreements, Disputes, and Exits

An owner agreement serves to guide the day to day operations of businesses. All business entities, except sole proprietorship, should obtain an owner agreement. This agreement will determine the course of action in case disputes arise from problems within and between owners, as well as the exit process in case an owner wishes to leave the business.

Employment Agreements

Employment agreements are a form of contract that legally binds two parties. These agreements are drafted for employer and employee relationships. They may detail the requirements and regulations the employee will follow while on the job, as well as the expectations and compensation that must be fulfilled by the employer.

Corporate Dissolutions

Corporate dissolutions occur when a company terminates its existence. Dissolution must occur following the terms of the original agreement between the owners. Dissolution could be mutually decided among the owners or forced upon by government regulations. Corporate dissolutions must follow detailed processes for which legal counsel is necessary.

Keep It Simple

Gonzalo Law makes the complex simple when we clarify key terms, protect company owners, and simplify the legal process. Gonzalo Law regularly represents companies to resolve problems, stay protected, and get results. Our counsel advises on a variety of corporate matters, such as contract breaches, and serves as outsourced or fractional chief legal officers to your company. This often an excellent alternative to hiring a full-time general counsel for many companies.

If your legal matter is not listed or you have other questions, contact us for more information. Call 877-613-9553 or send us an email for a free consult. We look forward to working with you!