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A New Round of HIPAA Audits Coming in 2016: Is Your Company Prepared?


The more pervasive use of technology by healthcare institutions comes with the need for greater protection of personal information. This is especially true for institutions that directly handle the health care information of the general public or have a branch of its organization that does so. In 2016, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will review the effectiveness of its own protocols and mechanisms for protecting the personal health information of the public. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR), a division of the DHHS, will be in charge of conducting the audits. The OCR has budgeted 43 million dollars in 2016, an increase of 4 million dollars over the 2015 budget, to carry out this plan. The additional funds will be used to conduct audits to ensure greater privacy protection in the health care industry. The additional funds will be used to check to ensure that all of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) rules and regulations are being followed and to check to see if greater measures need to be implemented to protect patient privacy.

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The Importance of Corporate Ethics: Learning from Accounting Problems at Toshiba

Accounting Scandal

Toshiba has been doing damage control since April of 2015. This is when allegations that the company had been inflating its profits over a number of years first broke. Independent investigators concluded that Toshiba overstated its profits by $1.22 billion. The financial scandal of this 140 year old Japanese company, a pioneer in electronics and other technological advancements, will require a total change of its institutional accounting and corporate culture.

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The Importance of Proper Federal Compliance: The Volkswagen Cheating Scandal

federal compliance

Cheaters never win. This is especially true when trying to cheat governmental authorities. That is what happened for one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world, Volkswagen (VW).  The VW debacle illustrates the importance of sincere corporate compliance. In a widely publicized report, a research team in West Virginia discovered that VW was caught having built cars designed to cheat on emissions tests. The team, led by engineering professor Daniel Carder, produced the first evidence of misrepresentations by VW in tests of its on-road diesel emission levels. Through its research, the team found that VW diesel vehicles produced emission levels significantly higher than the standards allowed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations Lead to Expensive Penalties

international business regulatory compliance

FCPA Violations are leading to high fines.

Alstom S.A. (Alstom) is a French power and transportation company.  It was charged with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and pleaded guilty to the charges.  Alstom was charged with paying bribes to government officials in exchange for energy contracts. Over the past decade, the company was involved in paying bribes in the range of tens of millions of dollars in countries throughout the world. These countries include Indonesia, the Bahamas, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. They have also been charged with falsifying their record book and failing to execute sufficient internal controls.[1] Read more


Middle Eastern Governments Are Beginning to Close Their Doors to Foreign Scholars

Middle East nonprofits

Middle Eastern countries are rich in history, culture, food, and language. The region is dynamic and deep in learned texts, insights, and more. However, outsider access to this region is becoming more limited as many Middle Eastern countries are reluctant to receive foreign criticisms of their economic policies, human rights records, or political unrest. This is in contrast to another country near the region that welcomes international students, business, and research into its country. This is the country of India. By allowing foreigners into its country, the Indian government is able to promote global economics and improve its advancement and scholarship.

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DOJ Hires Expert to Step-Up Corporate Compliance Measures

Corporate Regulatory Compliance

After years of trying to prevent fraud and corruption in corporations at home and abroad, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has hired a corporate compliance expert. Several reports have stated that this expert is Hui Chen, the former head of compliance for Standard Chartered Bank and ex-assistant general counsel at Pfizer Inc. The DOJ believes that an expert in this field will allow the DOJ to determine more effectively if corporations should be criminally charged for failing to prevent wrong doing. This expert will also determine if all possible measures and programs were implemented under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), yet the crime occurred anyway.

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Understanding Your Non-Profit

Businesspeople Holding Up a Globe --- Image by © 2/Ryan McVay/Ocean/Corbis

Businesspeople Holding Up a Globe — Image by © 2/Ryan McVay/Ocean/Corbis

Many people have heard of tax exempt organizations, yet not everyone is clear on what the term means. A tax exempt organization is one that is exempt from paying federal income tax. There are 29 types of nonprofit organizations that the Internal Revenue Service recognizes as exempt from at least some federal income tax. The eight most common types of tax exempt nonprofit organizations are:
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Obtaining a Trademark, Logo, or Brand Registration in India.


trademark registration in india

Trademark Registration In India

There are several opportunities for companies in India today. The country of India has a large nucleus of business that provides a wide assortment of services and products to the international marketplace. When it comes to intellectual property, such as trademarks, logos, and brand recognition in India, there is a specific set of rules and forms that must be filled out and filed properly in order to register your intellectual property. These rules differ significantly from the procedures that are required in the United States.

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Key Features of an Independent Contractor Agreement

independent contractor agreement

             Thinking about hiring a freelancer or small company to do some work for you? Well, you may need an independent contractor agreement and you will want to know the key features to include.

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How To Obtain An E2 Visa Through Business Ownership

e2 visa through business ownership
If you live outside of the United States and wish to enter the country in order to control an investment that you have made within the U.S., then you will need an E2 Visa. The main purpose of an E2 Visa is to allow people from other countries to own and operate a business in the U.S. This visa can be renewed for two year terms indefinitely. Only citizens of countries that have a treaty with the U.S. are eligible. Russia, Brazil, India and China are a few of the countries that are ineligible.

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