Gonzalo Law Bright Futures Award

Gonzalo Law Bright Futures Award

| Oct 4, 2017 | Press Releases |

Gonzalo Law’s core values are driven by their passion to make a difference in the community. In conjunction with NUMA Speed & Performance in Gainesville, FL., they recently awarded the Gonzalo Law Bright Future’s Scholarship to a local high school student.

The Gonzalo Law Bright Future Award is in partnership with NUMA Speed & Performance Owner, Tim Montgomery, a former two-time U.S. Olympian in track and field. NUMA Speed stood out as a partner because of their unique training and focus in comparison with other gyms. Their training is driven by young high school, college, and professional athletes with goals to perform better in their sports, to obtain college scholarships, and more. Tim focuses on speed training and rigorous athletic conditioning for all of his athletes.

Award applicants were required to write an essay in regards to their talent in a particular area, how a lack of resources has prevented them from reaching their full potential, and why this scholarship would be helpful.

Gonzalo Law representatives reviewed the applications in light of how the potential student demonstrated the core values of Gonzalo Law. NUMA Speed reviewed all of their very talented athletes to consider who could benefit the most, and who has shown the most promise throughout the years.

After reviewing numerous applicants, Gonzalo Law was pleased to award their Bright Futures Award Scholarship to Ms. Kerissa Grieves, a sophomore in high school from a rural area outside of Gainesville, FL. Kerissa has broken all of her school’s records in track and field since elementary school. She is an extremely gifted athlete, and with no formal training, placed 3rd in the state of Florida.

She was identified by Tim as a rising star and encouraged to apply for this scholarship. Due the distance from her home to Gainesville, and working with limited resources, Kerissa has not been able to train with Tim more than 5 times in 2 years. This scholarship will enable her to train 5 days a week every week. This will put Kerissa on track to accomplish her goals of a college scholarship, and possibly even an opportunity at the Olympic games.

We are honored to support the passion of others and to encourage excellence in the community.