Pricing & Investment



  • Clients can select to pay as they go at a set hourly rate.  This will be determined by the nature of the inquiry.
  • Clients can purchase a package of hours (10 hour minimum) at a slightly reduced rate based on the project requirements.  Contact us for more information!

Flat Rate:

Flat Rates are available for most projects.  However, some of the most commonly requested flat rate projects are listed below:

  • Trademark Search and Registration: $1,675.00
    (Includes the cost of a professional search and registrations fees with the US Patent and Trademark Office.)
  • Copyright Search and Registration: $375.00
  • Non-Profit Registration:
    • New Non-Profit (Existing for 1 year or less): $1,750.00
    • Existing Non-Profit (In existence over 1 year) $2,000.00

Retainer Fee:

  • Minimum Retainer Fee:
    Pre-Litigation Matters: $1,500.00
    On-Going External Legal Counsel: $2,500.00
  • Alternative Retainer Fee:
    Clients can negotiate a retainer based on their matter.
  • Retainer Fee Consideration:
    If at any time retainer fees dip below $1,000, clients will need to automatically replenish the retainer that is held in the trust account.

Complimentary Legal Services:

To show our appreciation to new and current clients, the firm offers a complimentary consultation to review your legal matter and provide advice on the next steps in the legal process.  Go to our Home page and click Schedule A Consultation tab to request a meeting time and determine how we can be a trustworthy partner with your business. Please note that there is no obligation to continue with further legal services following these initial services. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consult.


Consistent with Section 1.5 of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys, prices are determined by considering the following criteria: the geographic region where the work is completed, the time and labor required, novelty and difficulty of the case, the fee customarily charged, time limitations, and the cost of any additional professionals.

Pricing Inquiry:

Every legal matter is unique with its own set of considerations, laws, and calculated risks.  Contact us today so that we can evaluate the legal skill and time required to determine the anticipated cost of our services.