Focused Guidance

Our legal counsel is building a reputation as the contract surgeon. We dissect, negotiate, and draft contracts with a scalpel’s attention to detail.



Contract Analysis

You need the contracts that will grow and change with your business. We are one phone call away from analyzing or drafting the right contract to meet your business needs. If you have a contract in which you are unsure about your rights and responsibilities, we can analyze and review it for you. Our guidance will give you the confidence you need at the negotiation table. We are redefining legal excellence by providing easy access to cost-effective legal counsel when and wherever you need it. Try us for yourself. Experience the difference.

Contract Drafting

We work with clients in a variety of different areas to prepare contracts including those in real estate (commercial & residential leases), insurance contracts, construction contracts, physician employment and standard employment contracts, sales contracts, and more. Avoid the contract templates that do not take into account your specific business along with the laws. If you happen to need a contract that is specific to our practice areas, we can provide very in-depth and detailed drafting, analysis, and counsel. These include contracts and legal agreements in the following areas:

Private Business and Corporate Contracts

You pay attention to your bottom line and so do we. If you need us to draft a contract that you can use in all aspects of your business, let us know and we can assist you with putting one together. Once we draft it, you will own the contract. You can use it as a template in your business for similar transactions in which the need for further legal counsel will be minimal. Our turn-around time is swift, our services are effective, and our prices are reasonable. In one brief phone call, we can identify the details of your matter, prioritize your concerns, and begin work right away. Whether you are negotiating an employment contract, want a joint venture agreement, are unsure about an insurance settlement contract, or you want to put a detailed partnership agreement in place, we can take care of it. The contract surgeon is ready to handle your agreement. Whether in Florida or Ohio, we are available at 216.527.7777.

International Business Contracts

Your business is on the move and so are we! We know that you work hard to grow your company into the business that you want it to be. You have done well in your local market and are ready to take the next step in your growth. Whether that is domestically or abroad we are here to help you. We help you grow by analyzing potential business partners for your company and discussing the decisions involved in entering a new legal environment. We can sit-down and talk with you about forming a joint venture agreement, partnership agreement, and more to make the process as easy as possible. Taking that next step can be an intimidating process when you are an expert at your daily enterprise, yet not necessarily one regarding regulatory and international business concerns. You will value having easy access to experienced business legal counsel at a reasonable rate. Whether you are abroad, in Florida, or Ohio, we are available at 216.527.7777.

Intellectual Property Agreements

You work too diligently to have your hard work used improperly or without your permission. We can help you to protect your creative works that your talent generated. Whether you want assistance in understanding how to license your work, negotiate a reasonable use of your work, learn how to receive the royalties from your work, or any other concern, let us know. We will sit-down and talk with you about your rights to make sure you are well protected and that you receive a fair deal when collaborating with others interested in your work. Even if you want to protect yourself with a non-disclosure agreement, we are here to help. Whether you are in Florida or Ohio, we are available at 216.527.7777.

Non-Profit Documents & Compliance

Whether you are starting a new organization or your organization has been helping others for a while, we are here to help. We can talk with you about the requirements to maintain your non-profit status at the federal and state level. We can also work with you to develop the contracts and templates you can use when conducting business with other businesses or organizations. We want to make sure that your rights are fully protected so that you can work on what you do best, helping your organization grow. We are available at 216.527.7777.

* Please note that legal counsel is a highly trained legal professional yet is not a licensed physician. Any references to the “contract surgeon” are a metaphor and not a statement on any medical training.